Slashdot | China Prepares to Launch Alternate Internet

February 28, 2006

China Prepares to Launch Alternate Internet: “Netfree writes “The Chinese government has announced plans to launch an alternate Internet root system with new Chinese character domains for dot-com and dot-net. This may mean that Chinese Internet users will no longer rely on ICANN, the U.S.-backed domain name administrator, and, as one commentator notes, could be the beginning of the end of the globally interoperable Internet.””

Perhaps. Or rather it will lead to a global, i.e. not American run, internet? Or perhaps multiple names on a single IP#? The IP numbers will still be there. It really bugs me that, as I argued in my old paper, The Technology of Difference, that ASCII has to run everything. I usually disagree with a lot of what the Chinese government is up to, but I’m interested in seeing how this plays out.

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