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Reuters/Second Life » Linden to outsource Second Life orientation

Reuters/Second Life » Linden to outsource Second Life orientation

SECOND LIFE, May 4 (Reuters) - Linden Lab plans to revamp the way it processes new residents by offering users their choice of several privately-owned orientation islands, in an attempt to flatten Second Life’s notoriously steep learning curve.
A list of alternate starting points and privately developed orientations is scheduled to be available for new users within the next month, said Ryan Downe, director of product development at Linden Lab.
“Years down the road, if Linden Lab is still the primary supplier of OI’s [Orientation Islands], we have failed,” he said.
The move comes as Linden Lab is increasingly ceding control over Second Life’s infrastructure, making the software client open-source and laying the groundwork to open-source Second Life servers as well. Customized orientation islands may bolster Linden Lab’s ability to convert culture-shocked and inexperienced users into regular visitors.

One Response to “Reuters/Second Life » Linden to outsource Second Life orientation”

  1. Rochelle Says:

    You know who else could provide this service?

    Universities. Yeah. Come on, Lindens. You know it would serve your purposes! Give us an ed grid! We’ll train them!

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