RYERSON UNIVERSITY – Collaborative Learning Projects

May 14, 2007

RYERSON UNIVERSITY – Learning & Teaching Office put up this page:Collaborative Learning Projects that says stuff about me.

Jason Nolan – Early Childhood Education
Jason Nolan is experimenting in the area of reflective online narrative tools (blogs) that he has been using for a number of years. He will be moving three courses towards using these tools over the next year, while engaging other faculty in ECE and elsewhere at the university in exploration of how blogs might be used efficaciously in their teaching, in the support of experiential learning, critical reflective practice, and professionalization in various fields. This will leverage the potential for tools that not only foster critical reflection, but couch the experience in a collaborative community space where they sharing of stories of learning and experience become part of a larger co-construction of community and knowledge. Activities will include consultation with the various learning technology resource staff around Ryerson, in particular at the DMP, to identify existing resources that can be used, find out what impediments exist, and work to facilitate the development of a ‘how-to’ web site/handbook for the use of reflective online narrative tools/blogs in teaching and learning, covering the key technical and pedagogical issues, as well as addressing ethical issues of academic integrity and learning outcomes. Findings will be presented at the Ryerson Faculty Conference and other workshops. Jason also anticipated publishing research findings in peer reviewed publications.

I looked at it and said, “hmm… was I supposed to do that?” I probably was, and had better get to it.

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