May 15, 2007


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This is Finky. Short for elephink. He’s almost 45 years old now, and has traveled with me everywhere. Note the ink stains on his writing paw. There’s one place behind his right ear that has original color. My mom threw him out when I was 10, and had to go through seven pails of garbage to get him back, or I’d never speak to her again. Big boy. Harumph!

One Response to “Finky”

  1. According to a pst of a a few years ago, you apparently knew Diana Pashler (though for a self proclaimed best friend your comments give her short shrift – not necessarlit implying you are shriftless). Anyway, I met Diana once when she was chubby, exuberant, maybe 12. Or so. I met her in the company of her boy cousins (Jeff et al) and her uncle Murray Pashler, whom I accused with full 25 year old vehemence and some innuendo as well, of favouring the boys over Diana. Then I cried. Hmmm. Now I’d just like to track Murray down – if he yet lives or even if he dowsn’t – and tell him thanks for a number of windows on the world including the joys of gardening and plant identification, English lit for teenagers, and being a foil for my early adult peregrinations about what is really going on here (I still think I’m right about his favouring the boys, but who cares? Pas moi). Do you have ANY idea where I might find him? Thanks!