Elvis has Entered the Building: Last Week’s Dinner

June 13, 2007

Well, it was wonderful. Been too busy this week to blog much, what with having to rebuild 30 web domains.

Guest of honour was Elvis Priestly (Dorian Baxter as he’s sometimes known), who in a previous life was my grade 4 teacher in Markham, from 1972. He’d moved from Kenya to live in the strange exotic world of Canada. I didn’t get my camera out, but you can see pictures on his site. To be honest, he hasn’t changed a bit… sincere, direct, engaging, and with a sense of ‘serious play’ that for so many of us become cynical amusement by the age of 12. Rounding out the table was Elizabeth, Rochelle, and CherylZ (who’s homepage I don’t know). A small group by usual standards. Let’s see… I got a 3.3 lb roast of Elk from The Healthy Butcher, and fried up a mess of strange veggies (strange in their mixedness with basil, fennel, garlic and I don’t know what else), the usual cheeses from La Fromagerie, and lots of wine. Rochelle of course split out to get us some beer and potato-chips (my favourite thing to chew on all night). And the rest of the evening just fell into place wonderfully.

Dorian says I really haven’t changed much in the last 35 years. That’s probably true.

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