A good dinner

June 24, 2007

Yukazine and I had Random Access Mazar and Catspaw over for dinner. We’ve not seen Catspaw in 6 months, and only a few times since she started to work at Google, so this was a rare treat. She said her visit to Toronto had something to do with Vint Cerf, but I have no idea if she was joking or not (though he was in for a talk on the future of the internet at Waterloo this weekend).

It was nice to have a quiet dinner that wasn’t exhausting. I got 2 small eye of the round roasts of elk, and finally cooked them properly; i.e. searing them and then cooking them in the oven for only 20 minutes (500g). I always like elk, but when you cook it right, it is just an added bonus. That plus the usual raw milk goat cheeses, marinated tomatoes, sundried moroccan olives and ‘moroccan spiced veggies’ (though juliaD denies they’re moroccan) to go with a couple bottles of Rosé from Tavel (the source of clairet that has been admired since the Renaissance, I’m told), and the world was compleat.

[Update: Catspaw’s Guide to the Inevitably Insane says more about vint…]

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