iPhone already on Rogers in Canada?

July 29, 2007

Electronista | iPhone already on Rogers in Canada?

The iPhone is already being used with Rogers Wireless for support purposes in Canada, claims a source reportedly familiar with a manager at one of Apple’s local call centers. The Peterborough, Ontario office is said to be extending its previous support of all North American portable computers to include the iPhone and has received a collection of iPhones last week to familiarize agents with using the device.

iPhones working on Rogers network – ehMac.ca

The technical support call center for Apple portables is located in Canada. That means they handle the tech support calls for portables, which was formerly notebooks but now includes the iPhone.

I know one of the managers at this call center very well and they know I am extremely interested in the iPhone (I drove to the US last week to play with one at an apple store). This person told me some interesting information…

Because this call center is in Canada they need to train the support people on how to troubleshoot iPhone problems. The employees had never even seen a real iPhone when it went on sale, but they received a batch last Wednesday. The phones are obviously running on the Rogers EDGE network, but additionally they have Rogers sim cards in them and they say “Rogers” at the top of the screen instead of AT&T.

One Response to “iPhone already on Rogers in Canada?”

  1. It’s not even a question. It’s a fact. I was playing with my American cousin’s iPhone on the weekend (in Canada) and it was running on Rogers.