Nuit Blanche

September 30, 2007

I’m not sure what I thought of Nuit Blanche last night. I got some great pictures: Nuit Blanche set. This was the best. But there was just too much performance, and not enough art. I’d say carnival funded by an arts council was the metaphor. Well, there were lots of galleries to go into, but they’re always there. I wanted to see what was happening on the street. We went down church street, which was the best, through ryerson, then over to garrison creek and up through kensington, and that was that. A fun walk, very interesting people to see…

Toilets at Ryerson

2 Responses to “Nuit Blanche”

  1. Um, weren’t you supposed to be inovolved in one of the “installations” this year? As for toilets on a pond… I guess that’s better than fog machines on philosopher’s walk, like they had last year.

    Torontonians aren’t really artistic enough, IMHO, to make Nuit blanche a really great event for the place. I could imagine it in a place like San Francisco or Paris or London… but TO? Not really.

    xo CG.

  2. Hey, don’t ask me. As for SanF, Paris and London, I can’t say I’ve seen much there that is much better, or worse. Just more funding.