Slashdot | Intel, Microsoft Despised the XO Laptop

November 25, 2007

Slashdot | Intel, Microsoft Despised the XO Laptop

The Wall Street Journal today reports that the new XO laptop, centerpiece of the One Laptop Per Child project, is stimulating an active response from both Intel and Microsoft. The companies evidently feel threatened by the little upstart, intended to help third-world children. (The XO runs Linux and uses AMD chips.) Microsoft has cut their software to $3 each and Intel has designed their own laptop called the Classmate to sell between $230 and $300, nearly double the XO’s price… The initial demand for the XO has fallen well below Mr. Negroponte’s projections as Intel and Microsoft have successfully argued that their entries are superior. 45,000 have been ordered through the Give One, Get One campaign.

Read the WSJ article at A Little Laptop With Big Ambitions

One Response to “Slashdot | Intel, Microsoft Despised the XO Laptop”

  1. *and* as you’ve no doubt seen on Clevergirl, Give One, Get One has been extended to the end of Dec.

    But with every multinational and government *addicted* to that monstrosity, the PC, we can expect it to go on and on in until governments and multinationals have religated themselves to obscurity with alternative technologies running circles around them.