Website not a kindred spirit, says Anne authority

January 11, 2008

I talked about this on the blog while back (see Anne’s Diary and Anne’s Diary Holds First Test Group
). It seemed problematic, and I couldn’t figure out what right they had to use the name Anne. I had some polite email with some folks there, but there wasn’t much to report. Of course the entire notion of how the technology works, finger printing children for the purposes of a commercial site is still an issue in my mind, but they have other problems now:
Website not a kindred spirit, says Anne authority

The P.E.I. government is investigating a new website for young girls that it says is using images of Anne of Green Gables without permission.

The web site features a certain redheaded girl in pigtails.
Called, the Toronto-based website says it is “inspired by the much-loved Anne Of Green Gables novels.” Aimed at girls aged six to 14, it claims to be the most secure website for children in the world. It requires a fingerprint reader and registration papers signed by a professional as recognized by the company running the site.

But it is not the company’s security protocol that caught the attention of the Anne of Green Gables Licensing Authority. Anne is a trademark owned by the government of Prince Edward Island, and Development Minister Richard Brown told CBC News on Thursday they take violations of that trademark seriously.

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