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Disney Fairies | Pixie Hollow – Create your very own Fairy and fly into Pixie Hollow!

October 26th, 2008

Sylvie pointed me to Disney Fairies | Pixie Hollow – Create your very own Fairy and fly into Pixie Hollow!… one more wonderful marketing opportunity every parent will not want to miss.

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Slashdot | Review: Spore

September 11th, 2008

Slashdot | Review: Spore

The hype leading up to Spore was excessive. But then, so is the scope of the game; following the growth of a species from the cellular level to galactic domination was an ambitious goal, to say the least. Bringing evolution into the realm of entertainment was something Will Wright hoped and gambled he could do after the success of the Sim franchise. But rather than evolution, Spore became more about creation — creation that allows a single-player game to include the community, as well. It ties the various parts of the game together to make Spore very entertaining as a whole. Read on for my thoughts.


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How Videogames Blind Us With Science

September 10th, 2008
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Games Without Frontiers: How Videogames Blind Us With Science

That’s when it hit her: The kids were practicing science.
They were using the scientific method. They’d think of a hypothesis — This boss is really susceptible to fire spells — and then collect evidence to see if the hypothesis was correct. If it wasn’t, they’d improve it until it accounted for the observed data.
This led Steinkuehler to a fascinating and provocative conclusion: Videogames are becoming the new hotbed of scientific thinking for kids today.

Like, duh! :)

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