Re: Disability-Relevant Movies/Books/etc. GimpGirl Community

November 21, 2009

My friend RB started a thread on GimpGirl community on Disability-Relevant Movies/Books/etc. It is unusual for a guy to be posting on GimpGirl, but I help them out with some stuff, so I get the postings. And I didn’t think it would be improper for me to comment. I thought I’d add it here as […]

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Access Denied

August 6, 2008

Access Denied In a discrimination case that is still crawling through the Louisiana court system after seven years, McNeese State University’s president has asserted that it is not a “high priority” for disabled students to access the university’s student union. The case, which stems from a 2001 accident, was brought by a student who — […]

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Internet Research Conference 9.0

April 8, 2008
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GimpGirl Grows Up: Women With Disabilities Rethinking, Redefining, and Reclaiming Community has been accepted for presentation Internet Research Conference 9.0 in Copenhagen this fall. I’m working on this with Jen Cole and Aleja of And it will, I’m sure, be an interesting presentation. YAY! Also, my paper “Who’s Getting All the Fun: Locating Constructionism […]

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YouTube – Almasalsera

April 8, 2008

A just sent me this video, that had come by way of her sister who is in, I think, Iraq. It is a couple dancing, thought one of the dancers has only one leg. It is so smooth and well put together.

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GimpGirl Community

March 5, 2008

GimpGirl Community has a new moodle-based web site up! “GimpGirl Community has been a place where women with all kinds of disabilities (and abilities) have come together to talk about what it means to be a “gimp girl” since 1998.”

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GimpGirl celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

February 18, 2008

GimpGirl celebrates its 10th Anniversary! YAY to them! Check out the pictures that Aleja and Buridan took!

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