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Flexible OLEDs

October 7th, 2008
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EcoGeek – Flexible OLEDs

This new device is both transparent and flexible, while still producing a bright display that can be viewed at almost any angle. Its response time is up to ten times faster than traditional LEDs, making for smooth, smooth video. The engineers of the future could have a field day with this material, creating ultra-light laptops, rollable televisions and digital newspapers.

But why should this product delight an Ecogeek more than any old geek? Most importantly, all LEDs consume less energy and are therefore more efficient. That’s a plus for us on the consumption end. But OLEDs also offer an advantage on the production end – they can be printed onto a wide variety of substrates. Obviously, the environmental friendliness of the OLED ultimately depends on the substrates chosen and the production requirements for that substrate. But it means that manufacturers aren’t working with heavy metals like mercury, which go into many fluorescent lights.

This is what JulidD and I were talking about… a cheap rollup computer that uses almost no power.

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Pixel Qi – OLPC/XO spinoff

January 10th, 2008
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Now it is getting fun. Pixel Qi is the project of Mary Lou Jepsen (former CTO of OLPC). Their web site starts off:

What computing can be, the XO laptop was just the first step.          

Pixel Qi is currently pursuing the $75 laptop, while also aiming to bring sunlight readable, low-cost and low-power screens into mainstream laptops, cellphones and digital cameras.

Spinning out from OLPC enables the development of a new machine, beyond the XO, while leveraging a larger market for new technologies, beyond just OLPC: prices for next-generation hardware can be brought down by allowing multiple uses of the key technology advances.  Pixel Qi will give OLPC products at cost, while also selling the sub-systems and devices at a profit for commercial use.

[via PC World - Former OLPC CTO Aims to Create $75 Laptop]

On another note: OLPC America to launch in 2008. What I’m afraid of is the cultural ignorance of the US. America is not the name of their country. They are the United States of America. If they say “OLPC America” means their 50 states, it is just reminding me that they either have to include all the Americas, or better, how about OLPC.US.

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And then there is the Jhai PC

January 6th, 2008
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JuliaD has a post about the JhaiPC which is doing from a bottom up perspective what the OLPC is doing from the top down. She and I have been following them for a while, her more than me, and it will be nice to compare the two projects. JhaiPC uses much more local input and technology, which is also a plus. there is the Jhai PC:

Before the OLPC, there was the Jhai PC, which gets regular billing on this blog because it was designed with and for a specific community (with input from the community) and then redesigned for others… I have never used one, but I am a fan of the model.

see Welcome to the Jhai Foundation

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