August 29th, 2006

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Yuka found moss in the shape of dogbert.


August 28th, 2006


We were out kayaking, when the police pulled up. Mom does more kayaking than I do these days, so we figured that everything was fine. But it wasn’t. Mom got a ticket. She had a bailing bucket and stuff, but no throw rope, whistle or light. $100. When I go out-tripping we have all the ropes and whistles and everything, but I thought that was only practical necessity, not the law. She may have gotten the fine, because she owned the boats, but we decided that we’d do our bit and buy her the missing bits.

[No comment. Read the quote, then read the article. It will be on the exam.]
The Valve - A Literary Organ | A Pre-reading of “Snakes on a Plane”:

Though I myself haven’t seen the film, it is almost impossible not to think that Lacan had watched Snakes on a Plane, because his conception of alterity is so closely aligned with the film’s revolutionary mise en scene. Indeed, my reading below is deeply invested in resisting the tired old “grand narrative” of “actually watching the film,” which essentializes “experience,” and delegitimates the kinds of liberatory theoretical praxis I have memorably justified elsewhere. 

The eponymous “snakes” here are clearly the wild slithering irruption of the Real, while the “plane” is the Phallus that operates in the angular, metallic register of the Symbolic. The film thematizes the rebellion of the Real (the resisting third world subaltern, who also represents the death-drive) over the tyrannical, inscribed authority of the Industrial-Aviational Master.

Two things funny about this article. The first is that I don’t get half of it because it is so completely ‘mercian. Oh, and I just don’t care about half of them. Here are the interesting ones, as far as I’m concerned. Remember I have 120 frost I’m meeting next week. Inside Higher Ed :: What Your Freshmen Don’t Know

1. The Soviet Union has never existed and therefore is about as scary as the student union.

2. They have known only two presidents.

3. For most of their lives, major U.S. airlines have been bankrupt.

6. There has always been only one Germany.

9. A stained blue dress is as famous to their generation as a third-rate burglary was to their parents’.

11. A coffee has always taken longer to make than a milkshake.

12. Smoking has never been permitted on U.S. airlines.

16. DNA fingerprinting has always been admissible evidence in court.

19. “Google” has always been a verb.

22. Mr. Rogers, not Walter Cronkite, has always been the most trusted man in America.

25. Phantom of the Opera has always been on Broadway.

30. Non-denominational mega-churches have always been the fastest growing. religious organizations in the U.S.

36. They have rarely mailed anything using a stamp.

39. “So” as in “Sooooo New York,” has always been a drawn-out adjective modifying a proper noun, which in turn modifies something else.

41. They have always been able to watch wars and revolutions live on television.

46. Public school officials have always had the right to censor school newspapers.

49. They have always been searching for “Waldo”.

51. Michael Moore has always been showing up uninvited.

54. There have always been live organ donors.

58. Bad behavior has always been getting captured on amateur videos.

67. Disposable contact lenses have always been available.

68. “Outing” has always been a threat.

70. They have always “dissed” what they don’t like.

71. The U.S. has always been studying global warming to confirm its existence.

74. Ringo Starr has always been clean and sober.

75. Professional athletes have always competed in the Olympics.

NY Times providing child porn

August 23rd, 2006

Alex Halavais has taught some courses at SUNY Buffalo on pornography, and provided a small article to the ACM Siggroup bulletin I co-edited a couple of years back. His recent blog post is interesting: NY Times providing child porn

A lot of newspapers have been shy to link outside of their own news organization: so much so that it is almost a truism. They followed the corporate credo of keeping users on the site. That has changed over the last few years, with more and more traditional news sites willing to include hyperlinks.

He goes on to talk about how NYT, while talking about issues around child pornography actually provides links to sites that while not illegal, are on the boundary. The legality of even linking to these sites, let alone viewing them is open to debate now that it is possible that virtual child pornography, where someone claims to be or acts as if or appears to be under the age of 18, even if a counter claim is presented, is a possible crime. This is tied to the fact that an image of a child nursing or bathing can be cause for charges, though I assume not conviction.

I decided to not even link to the NYT article, let alone read it, but rather fall back to linking to Alex’s post. It is interesting to note that even looking for research material about issues surrounding child pornography could be a problem, as you might run into the material. When looking for material to teach with I made sure that I restricted my google search with “” to only search canadian government sites. Perhaps site:edu might be ok as well.


August 22nd, 2006

It is good to know where you come from. I was born at:
43º39′08.28″N 79º24′21.67W elev 310′

Dancin’ Mouse Productions

August 21st, 2006

Cosmo’s got a new gig! Check out Dancin’ Mouse Productions: Sound Design and Audio Engineering for all your dining and dancing needs. Luck!


August 19th, 2006

Google led me to Homestat Farm where they still make Maypo! On camping trips, every morning one could hear “Danny the Massiah” shout: “I WANT MY MAYPO”

The Hundred Languages of Children
Exhibition of the Municipal Infant-Toddler Centres and Preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. Toronto, Ontario September 18,2006 - February 28, 2007

We have the unique opportunity to book designated times for our faculty, staff and students to view this amazing exhibit.

In addition, the sponsors have organized a conference “Bridging Possibilities: the Hundred Languages of Children Opening Conference”, October 20-22, 2006. Keynote speakers at the conference will be Amelia Gambetti - Reggio Children Coordinator, Reggio Emilia, Italy, and Lella Gandini - Liason in U.S. for dissemination of the Reggio approach. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and hearing Amelia Gambetti speak at the week long study group I attended in Reggio Emilia this spring. She is a dynamic and inspirational speaker about the Reggio Approach.

Just had a chat with someone from The Canadian Press. It was a phone interview on the educational uses of blogging in higher education. Got to mention alex, Rochelle and Roger regarding their blog work, as well as the development of blogging tools at Ryerson. Relatively painless, and good to get Ryerson on the map.